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2014 Weird NJ Subscription

That right folks, Weird NJ issues # 42 and 43 will be arriving at your door in May and in October.

We collect stories about New Jersey. That’s what we’ve been doing for the last 20 years. We meet people on the street, in diners, taverns, in tunnels, graveyards and sometimes in the dead of night. The stories we collect are personal tales about the state we call home. Whether they are unbelievable, fantastic or fearful, they would all make up the foundation of what we thought would be an interesting forum in a magazine called Weird NJ that we created so many years ago.

Weird NJ? Yes. We knew it sounded like a crazy idea that would probably flop faster than a flounder on the poop deck, but we forged ahead regardless of the outcome. It would be a magazine that would venture into the landscape of untold tales, local legends, industrial abandonment, and mystery history. We would throw in some unexplained phenomena and local lunatics, greasy diners and travels to places few would care to explore. In other words, it would be a magazine about what our New Jersey experience was about—a part of NJ we had never seen written about or preserved in any form. We took a gamble that other people wanted to share their own vision of Weird NJ with us. And you know what? We were right. No one was more surprised than us.
There are no demographics to Weird NJ. We do not cater to anyone other than our readers, who unwittingly steer us in the next direction. We have no set plan as to where each new issue will take us, as the magazine has an open policy of presenting what you think is an odd occurrence, not just our own opinion. “Weird” is not a restricted term in our magazine. It is a celebrated adjective that everyone sees differently.
After being down many roads the last 20 years with our weird adventures and projects, we can still say that there are many things we have yet to explore, regardless of what we’ve already encountered. It seems this weird path we’ve created will be traversed for a long time. We still haven’t figured out where we’re going or when it will end. It’s a cursed road we created that we’ll surely crash and burn on before we slow down. But Weird NJ does one thing that no other magazine does: It takes you along for the ride. Yup, you’re all in the back seat with us all the way, and there’s no getting out!
-Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran, Publishers, Editors, Everything

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