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Weird NJ 2020 Subscription May and October 2020. Issues 54 and 55


 Due to the ongoing pandemic we foresee major disruptions to the distribution of our spring issue, #54. Given the current uncertainty we have decided cut back the print run to a limited amount of magazines this time around. This means that the only way to guarantee you get your copy is to SUBSCRIBE NOW.

That’s right, Weird NJ issues #54 and #55 can be delivered to your door in May and October of 2020. (Current and recent issues can be purchased HERE.)

Please be patient with with subscriptions and mailing, due to the current state of affairs. We're sure the post office is doing their best to get it delivered to your door.

IF YOU ARE PURCHASING A SUBSCRIPTION FOR SOMEONE ELSE: Please make sure the “Billing,” and “Ship To” boxes are filled out correctly. We do not send notices or gift cards. It’s up to you to alert your weird friend or relative of your generous gift of weirdness.

Issues will be mailed around MAY and then again in OCTOBER of 2020. This order does not include any issues that are currently available. Current and recent issues can be purchased HERE.

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