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Tales From Clinton Road

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Found in the warehouse: Our long out of print issue “Tales From Clinton Road.”
This magazine includes the history, many mysteries and tales from over 200 letters we’ve received. Weird NJ editor Joanne Austin has scoured newspaper articles, and done extensive research at the West Milford library to help us put together what we think is the definitive document on one of New Jersey’s most infamous byways. From the mysterious castle in the woods to the strange lights across the lake; from the Satanists and KKK to the witches and pagans; from the ghosts and unearthly animals to that ever-present black pick-up truck in your rearview mirror; it’s all here in Tales From Clinton Road. It will inform, inflame, and possibly infect your mind and soul. It is quite simply put: everything that you ever wanted to know about Clinton Road, but had the good sense not to ask!
Tales From Clinton Road will not be available in any book stores, and can only be purchased directly from our online store.It’s  all thriller and no filler! Order yours today, before it’s too late!

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